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I am Jesica Estes

As a seasoned digital artist and creator, I'm on a mission to sprinkle a little design fun into your creative journey. Together, we'll transform the intricate into imaginative and the puzzling into playful, as I share the secrets to making design a breeze for beginners. This is where you become the master of your artistic adventure!"

Jesica's journey from tornado survival to all things art and design, is a remarkable story of resilience, faith, and artistic passion. It showcases the transformation from a self-taught artist to a successful graphic designer, combining technical expertise with a deep sense of purpose.

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"Designing Dreams:

Jesica's Journey from the Storm to Success"


In the world of graphic design, creativity knows no bounds. For Jesica, the path to becoming a graphic designer was a winding and inspiring journey that led to the birth of ArtVision323. It's a story of passion, determination, and faith.


Jesica's love for art started at an early age. After high school, she embarked on a creative career, initially working as an airbrush artist in her family's gift and flower shop. Over the years, her family's business evolved, incorporating screenprinting and embroidery, and she even ventured into the world of Faux Finish Painting. However, it was exploring the realm of photography that truly awakened her fascination with digital design.


Creating intricate invitations, artful wall hangings, and skillfully manipulating photos, Jesica discovered her true calling in graphic design. Remarkably, she was entirely self-taught, driven by an unquenchable thirst for experimentation and learning.


The first graphic design projects emerged within her photography business, where Jesica witnessed the sheer joy on her clients' faces as they beheld the beautifully designed images, invitations, and albums. These experiences were the catalyst for a new chapter.


At the age of 37, Jesica made a pivotal decision to pursue formal education, obtaining a degree in graphic design. This marked a significant turning point in her career, providing her with the knowledge and expertise to excel in the field.


During her time in college, Jesica worked as the lead visual artist and web developer for an ad agency, crafting designs for various mediums, from websites, billboards, to magazine covers and advertisement articles. She also honed her skills as a graphic designer at a printing company, creating all things paper printing - related.


Today, Jesica stands as an expert in her field, designing for the apparel and blanks industries. Her creations come to life through a diverse spectrum of printing techniques, from sublimation, DTF, DTG to screen printing and so much more. Her artistic flair, combined with technical expertise, has made her a sought-after name in the industry.


As a person of faith, Jesica designs with values close to her heart. She creates designs that resonate with positivity and integrity, reflecting her Christian beliefs while infusing a unique, fun, and artistic style.


Entrepreneurship, as Jesica discovered, is a journey of challenges and triumphs. She emphasizes the significance of continuous learning and seizing new opportunities. Her portfolio extends across diverse industries. Some of which include paper, fabric, glass, metal, internet and digital mediums, a testament to her adaptability and growth.


The founding of ArtVision323 wasn't just a business decision; it marked a profound spiritual awakening. In February of 2016, in a moment of vulnerability, Jesica encountered a life-altering tornado. In that very moment, Jesica reached out to her mother at 3:23, seeking prayers—a plea that coincided with the tornado's fury. Thankfully her family emerged unharmed, but the home lay in ruins. Amid the debris and chaos, Jesica miraculously found every single piece of paper, related to a Disney Project she had been working on tirelessly for over a month, scattered all throughout the house, porch and yard, every last piece found its way back into her hands, symbolizing resilience in the face of adversity. This served as a powerful reminder of her purpose.


This clock was hanging in the kitchen the day the tornado unleashed its fury at 3:23. Check out the time the clock stopped on. It will forever hang in my kitchen untouched as a reminder that GOD is in control!!


Guided by faith, she opened her Bible randomly to Colossians 3:23, "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men." This divine coincidence led to the birth of ArtVision323, a business dedicated to a higher purpose.


With faith as her anchor, Jesica quit her corporate job, and ArtVision323 became her full-time endeavor. Remarkably, her former employer even became a client. The journey continued, and in 2018, Jesica expanded her reach by opening an Etsy shop under the name Southern Strands Art, offering high-quality designs to a broader audience. But she didn't stop there.


In July of 2019, Jesica launched her own website, Southern Strands, further expanding her digital presence and making her designs accessible to a global audience.


Jesica is now preparing to take her business to the next level. You are currently reading this on a brand-new website,, where all of her businesses have merge into one central location, offering a seamless and comprehensive experience for clients, customers and students.


Today, ArtVision323, Southern Strands Art, and flourish thanks to Jesica's unwavering dedication, boundless creativity, and the relationships she has nurtured along her incredible journey. Her future dreams extend to empowering aspiring designers through the launch of her very own "Simple Design Solutions" online courses and amazing "All Access Pass" design memberships.


Jesica's story is a powerful testament to the passion, perseverance, and faith that fuels the pursuit of one's dreams. ArtVision323 is not just a business; it's a living testament to the extraordinary journey that brought it to life.

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